Capitalize on the immense possibilities of IoT to skyrocket your business growth.

Efficiency improvement opporunities with your machine

The reduction in operational expenditure

The paramenters you can monitor and control

How you can enhance customer experience

End to end visibility of all processes

The decrease in maintenance cost



We would create a No Commitment (NC) projections report within a fixed budget which would specify in detail


Have you been experiencing the world making quicker decisions & adapting their business models according to changing needs? Ever wondered if you could make decisions as quick as them? Imagine the instance where your machines could talk to you about their status, let you know the optimal supply of products, indicate maintenance & warning signs, customer satisfaction & most of all have all this information centralized & available at any point of convenience. All this is possible with our IOT solutions..


People are connected via internet. But what about cars, buses & trains. Employees who commute to work daily via their personal vehicles find it difficult due to heavy traffic. What if driving was automated? The car could predict any occurrence of accident forefront & could make decisions quicker than a human. Imagine if we could avoid bearing related derailments by placing IOT capable sensors. Detection of theft of freight could be avoided by using IOT sensors in cargo ships. Connecting the vehicles to the cloud would open up a lot of possibities..


With every year energy consumption rises. There is always an unceasing deficiency of power. Load shedding, brownouts and blackouts are frequent. High electricity bill is always a concern for consumers, IOT can help achieve better outcome for distributed generation, efficient distribution, downsize misapplication of energy and load balancing. Smart grids will empower renewable plants. Power demands & energy flow can be met by monitoring production at various plants. You will have a new perspective about your processes once you couple it with IOT...


Benefits of integrating IOT to Manufacutring

-Efficiency optimization
-Monitoring & Planning
-Asset Management
-End to end operational visibility
-Smart Manufacturing
-Demand response
-Monitor inventory levels
-Quality check
-Rule out waste
-Minimize interruption

Customer Service

-Knowledge of Customer preference
-Lower customer support costs
-Remote diagnosis, services & control
-Predictive maintenance
-Better safety for labourers
-Increased lifespan of machines
-Increased plant safety
-Quality control & design of new product


-Build new partnerships
-Expand beyond your horizons
-Nurture existing relationships
-Improve customer retention -Boost customer acquisition
-Customer centric transformation
-Upgrade & design a new model
-Improve sales opportunities


-Quick return
-Reduce costs
-Increase margins
-Expand Revenue models
-Decrease operational expenditures

Benefits of integrating IOT to Transportation

-Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) solutions
-Real-time vehicle location information
-Set up alerts
-Improve throughput
-Asset intelligence
-Real time data across supply chains

Customer Service

-Enhance customer experience
-Quality control -Design of new product
-Ensure drivers adhere to guideline
-Secure aircrafts
-Safety compliance


-Predictive, preventive maintenance
-Prevent failures, extend vehicle life
-Improve reliability of monitored vehicles
-Find problems with railway points before they cause delay


-Operational savings
-Increase margins
-Lower infrastructural costs
-Minimal maintenance cost

Benefits of integrating IOT to Utilities

-Records water & energy consumption
-Efficient use of energy
-Optimize power distribution
-Shift demand loads as per usage
-Track water quality
-Track water parameters
-Improve performance of existing units
-Maximum solar radiation is absorbed by sensing the angle of the sun
-Detect wind directions, force & malfunctions
-Remote diagnosis
-Manage bi-directional power flows into and out of their grids

Customer Service

-Transparency on energy consumption for consumers
-Segmentation of customers
-Quality control & design of new product
-Reduction of carbon emissions


-Detect a leak/ faulty water or gas pipeline
-Create maintenance timelines
-Avoid load shedding, brownouts, blackouts
-Automatically clean dirt on solar panels
-Better plant safety
-Minimal interruption


-Implement smart capital investments
-Operational savings
-Set prices w.r.t time, day & season

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